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About Pip

I have been working as a Nutritional Therapist for 17 years, initially training at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition.  Since qualifying, I have run a busy clinic in West London, and have helped hundreds of clients.


During my on-going training and continued studies, I became fascinated with the link between nutrition, lifestyle and fertility and hormone balance.  I developed a 3-pronged approach to fertility and hormone balance, looking at diet, lifestyle and environment.  I trained as a Foresight Pre-conceptual Care Practitioner and follow Chris Kressers Healthy Baby Code approach.  


Repeated successes with couples and friends seeking to increase their fertility led me to really focus my work in this area.

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What I Specialise In

Hormone Balance

Establishing Eating Habits


Setting Health Goals

Personalized Nutrition Plan

The Journey Towards Hormone balance Begins on the Path of Self Belief.

Begin Your Journey Today.

I came to see Pip as I was sure I was perimenopausal,  my worst symptoms were night sweats and brain fog.  I completed her hormone questionnaire and she identified areas that were out of balance.  After only 3 months of tweaks in my diet and a couple of supplements I have to say I feel I am sailing towards the menopause. Thank you." 

- Claire E, London

After being told we could only conceive with IVF (and having our first child this way), we were preparing for our next cycle of IVF and followed Pips preconception care programme. Wonderfully, and to the surprise of our doctors, we conceived naturally and have a gorgeous little boy”

- Jo H, London

I was so bored of not being able to shift the 5kg I had put on in my 40s.  Pip analysed my diet and we went through my health history and lifestyle. Instead of telling me exactly what I could and couldn't eat we discussed the sort of foods I like to eat and considered healthier options I felt I would still enjoy. So far I have lost 3kg and I am confident I will now lose all the weight I need to. We meet every 2 weeks for new menu and shopping ideas.”

- Leslie H, London

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