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Meet Pip

Nutritional Therapist

Dip ION, mBANT, CHNC registered

Pip is an IFM Functional Medicine Graduate 2017 and a Registered Nutritionist.


She is a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and the Complementary Healthcare Council (CHNC).

I have been working as a Nutritional Therapist for 17 years, I left the finance sector and retrained in my early 30s at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition.  Since qualifying I have run a busy clinic in West London, and have helped hundreds of clients. 


During my on-going training and continued studies, I became fascinated with the link between nutrition, lifestyle, fertility and hormone balance.  I developed a 3-pronged approach to fertility and hormone balance, looking at diet, lifestyle and your environment.  I trained as a Foresight Pre-conceptual Care Practitioner and follow Chris Kressers' Healthy Baby Code approach.   Repeated successes with couples and friends seeking to increase their fertility led me to really focus my work in this area. 


Today, I still work closely with couples hoping to conceive or have their 2nd or 3rd baby but I am also enjoying helping women move more easily through the menopause, be that helping them lose weight or investigating their hormones in more depth.  I love seeing the positive effects that simple diet and lifestyle changes can have on all these areas.  The science and research is always changing and it is my job to keep abreast of this and to give my clients the most up-to-date information out there.


I think I have always had a love for nutrition. I grew up with a mother who had a beautiful fruit and vegetable garden and she made most of our meals from homegrown produce.  It has been wonderful more recently to let my own three children plant, grow and pick their own vegetables in her much loved ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ garden. At home in West London, I am passionate about giving my children a healthy start to life and to try and foster good habits and help them understand what their bodies need.  But I am also a realist – I love a cup of tea and piece of chocolate and the kids of course are allowed ice-creams and sweets (well occasionally!)


I really hope that when you leave me you will feel hopeful, excited and well equipped to make changes. Most importantly I want to help you understand why and how changes will help your health. 

This is me doing an interview about healthy eating.

“I came to see Pip as I was sure I was perimenopausal,  my worst symptoms were night sweats and brain fog.  I completed her hormone questionnaire and she identified areas that were out of balance.  After only 3 months of tweaks in my diet and a couple of supplements I have to say I feel I am sailing towards the menopause Thank you."


— Claire E, London

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